Jedidjah de Vries

I make violins, violas, & cellos.

I live and work in Barcelona, in the Vila de Gràcia neighborhood, and would love to hear from you.

You can reach me by:
Also WhatsApp, Signal, & Telegram

You can find me on these social networks:
Instagram: @devriesViolins
Facebook: de Vries Violins

You can visit me in person at my workshop:
Address: C/ Cardener, 43
08024, Barcelona
But please make an appointment in advance.

The nearest metro stations are:
L3 [Green] Lesseps
L4 [Yellow] Joanic or Alfons X
They are all approximately a 10 minute walk (750 m) or short bus ride away.

Map of public transit near Cardener 43 showing the bus connections from the three nearest metro stations, as follows: From the L3 (green line) station at Lesseps bus lines 24, H6, and D40. From the L4 (yellow line) station at Joanic, bus line 39. And from the L4 (yellow line) station at Alfons the Tenth, bus line H6.

Sed omnia praeclara tam difficilia quam rara sunt.