Jedidjah de Vries

I make and repair violins, violas, & cellos.

Below you can see some of my past instruments. To see the latest, come by and visit the shop. I always enjoy chatting with folks, hearing them play, or just sharing a cup of tea. You can also check out what’s on my bench to see photos of what I’m working on right now.

A Note on Materials:

We build instruments to last not just a lifetime, but generations. That means choosing the best materials and employing the best craftsmanship. But, to me, this commitment to a non-disposable future also extends to using only sustainable materials whenever possible. To that end, I strive to eliminate the use of all ebony in my work.

For many of my instruments I use plumwood for the pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest. The fingerboards and nuts are a synthetic composite—called Corene—that is designed to mimic the look, feel, and workability of traditional ebony while being more durable and sustainable.

Violin, Los Angeles 2017 — Available at Metzler Violins


Violin, Boston 2016


Viola after Guadagnini, 2015 — sold


Violin, 2015 — sold

Sed omnia praeclara tam difficilia quam rara sunt.